James Edward Cashion, Jr. (Jim) graduated from East Carolina University in 1973 with a Masters of Science Degree in Organic Chemistry. Mr. Cashion worked in three divisions of Burlington Industries including their corporate research center. He has an extensive working knowledge of textile dyeing and finishing. He later ran the Research and Development area for Textiles for Emery Industries, the world’s largest fatty acid producers at that time. With the expansion of Emery Industries into ethoxylation, propoxylation and cynoethylation, Mr. Cashion developed knowledge of the synthetic production of basic chemical building blocks into new surfactants, phosphate esters, synthetic lubricants, long chain polymers, and many new bases for the entire chemical industry. 

In 1979, Mr. Cashion started Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. to formulate and manufacture custom chemicals for research companies, sales organizations, and other chemical companies. Holly Oak was the first Title V, synthetic minor chemical manufacturing company in South Carolina and is today one of the largest privately owned chemical manufacturing companies in the southeast. Mr. Cashion also owns The Cashion Co., Inc. (TCC) a large FCC regulated trucking company that specialized in bulk hazmat chemical hauling.  Mr. Cashion has long been active in environmental concerns and was the first Chairman of the Lauren County Water and Sewer Commission; the largest water distribution system in the United States. He is currently joined by all four of his children who work in different aspects of the business. 


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Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. 

James Edward Cashion III (James) graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2003 with a Masters of Science Degree in Earth and Environmental Resources Management (MEERM) and holds a BS Degree in Chemistry with minors in Environmental Science and Biology from Lander University. He has work experience at all levels of chemical manufacturing and over twenty five years of on the job training. Mr. Cashion has been the Environmental Health and Safety Manager since 2010 and a production manager since 2004. He oversees inventory, special projects, training, regulatory issues, waste management, and environmental concerns. James is responsible for the implementation/management of our Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) Deacom. He assumed the role of Executive Vice President in November of 2018.  

  As the company grew, so did the demand for reliable transportation and timely deliveries.   In order to meet customer expectations, our sister company The Cashion Company (TCC) was created in 1986 as a warehousing and logistics provider specializing in the bulk transport of liquid hazmat material.  The Cashion Company is an independent fully licensed common carrier trucking company specializing in the transport of bulk hazmat liquid freight that partners with HOC to provide logistical support.

     The 1990’s saw the exit of the textile industry from the local economy.   Holly Oak Chemical diversified again by adding powder blending equipment, several dust collection systems, and six 10,000 gallon mix tanks with high torque drives capable of mixing slurries and other high viscosity mixtures to further enhance our growing manufacturing capabilities.    

     As we continued to grow and evolve pail, drum, and bag orders began to be supplemented with larger tote, tanker, and super sack orders.  All work areas were remodeled to handle tanker truck deliveries with covered loading & unloading areas. The Reaction and Powder Blending areas added over head beam cranes to facilitate the unloading of super sacks into the reactors. Our distribution warehouse was purchased in 1990 adding an additional 125,000 square feet and 10 loading docks to our campus. We currently have over a quarter of a million square feet of warehouse space, twenty docks, ten tanker loading sites, a dual capacity ISO tanker unloading station, and plenty of room to continue growing. We are registered with the EPA under Establishment Number 66428-SC-001 and work with multiple disinfectant and antimicrobial product lines. 

​     Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. is an ISO 9001 version 2015 certified facility with a vision to be the premier toll manufacturing organization in our region by focusing on our customer's needs. Providing to them high quality products and services in a timely manner that meet or exceed their requirements.   

Laura Fuller graduated from Furman University in 1996 with a BA double major in Business and English. She has been the Customer Service Manager for Holly Oak Chemical for over 10 years and has experience as a production manager. Laura has also worked for a specialty chemical exporter as a Customer Service Representative for over four years. Laura has extensive working knowledge of the generation of shipping documents, invoices, order receipts and has a firm understanding of the intricacies of custom batch manufacturing.




Hot and Cold Blending

Powder Blending



Liquids - To or from Rail Cars, Tankers, ISO Tainers, Buckets, Drums, or Totes

Powders - To or from Super Sacks, Drums or Bags


​​Located one block over from our production facility is our distribution warehouse.  It features ten loading docks and over 100,000 square feet of storage space.  Our knowledgeable staff routinely processes:

 blind and double shipments
 container shipments 
 LTL shipments

  The distribution warehouse can provide inventory management and assist in the scheduling of shipments upon request.  We provide a diverse range of distribution services for our customers including:

 shrink wrapping
 sorting mixed loads 

    A wide range of products are stored and processed at this site, including many that are not produced by Holly Oak Chemical.

about our company


We've built our reputation on excellence in custom chemical manufacturing, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. began in 1979 as a niche chemical blending company providing custom blended chemicals to the then vibrant Upstate South Carolina textile industry. Holly Oak Chemical grew steadily throughout the 1980’s and began to diversify and expand its scope and customer base.  Ammonia and Formaldehyde scrubber systems were installed to allow for the manufacture of a broader range of products.

Our commitment at Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. is to be a premier toll manufacturing organization which consistently provides products and services that meet or exceed our customers' requirements, ships products in a timely manner, selects and utilizes suppliers committed to quality, and continuously improves the effectivness of our processes through the conformance to customer and applicable regulatory requirements. 

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