Our Services are divided up INTO multiple WORK areas

Custom Blend: 

The Custom Blend Department specializes in scaling-up lab trials and small scale preparations to full production runs. There is a wide array of mixing options available in this area. Batches ranging from single bucket, drum, or tote orders up to multiple tanker loads per batch are routinely produced here. The area consists of:

·    24 Individual blend tanks
·    17 Storage tanks
·    3  Stainless steel  10,000 gallon and one (1) 12,000 gallon fully insulated blend tanks equipped with heating / cooling jackets and high torque variable speed mixers on load cells
·    Multiple floor scales to verify weights
·    Warm room to melt raw materials at a temperature of 130 F (55 C)

      Custom batches are often produced in this area.   Many products see their first scale up trials completed here as lab bench formulas are worked into full scale, reproducible and recurring production products. Come bring your R&D project to our facility and let us show you what we have to offer.

 Reaction Area 1:
 4 stainless steel reactors equipped with load cells and heating/ cooling jackets
15 tank storage farm with over 100,000 gallon storage capacity under roof with containment
Overhead beam crane for lifting super sacks 
Formaldehyde Scrubber system 
3 warm rooms to melt and/or store materials between ambient to 165F (74 C). 

 Products commonly produced in Reaction Area 1 require extensive heating and / or cooling during the manufacturing process. 

Reaction Area 2:
  This area contains three reactor tanks on load cells with high torque drives that can accept powders or other solids from bags and/or super sacks.  The reactors are:
Reactor T-102: a 2,500 gallon stainless steel tank with a very large and powerful variable speed drive
Reactor T-104: a 5,500 gallon stainless steel tank 
Reactor T-106: a 1,250 gallon stainless steel pilot reactor with excellent cooling, heating, and variable speed agitation

Reaction Area 2 is a great place for scale up work on thick viscous products that require large amounts of heating, cooling, and agitation. There are also four bulk storage tanks in this production area: two 8,800 gallon fiberglass tanks, a 5,000 gallon fiberglass tank, and a 5,000 gallon stainless steel storage tank. The Ammonia Scrubber system is located in this area and all three reactors are attached to it.

 Powder Blend:
The Powder Blending Area was custom built to handle both liquid and solid batches that require large volumes of solids or powders to be charged during the production process. This production area boasts:

six blend tanks for liquids
two vertical cone screw powder blending vessels with heating / cooling jackets 
two overhead beam cranes
three stainless steel 9,000 gallon reactor tanks fitted with high torque variable speed drives and heating/cooling jackets

The Powder Blending Area has excellent ventilation and has three dust collection systems, five bulk storage tanks, and is connected to the Ammonia scrubber system.  There are four tanker loading bays in this area as well as multiple 3 inch pneumatic diaphragm pumps, a 4 inch peristaltic pump, and gear pumps that can be used to load a wide variety of thick, viscous, and/or high solids finished goods quickly into totes, drums, or multiple tankers.

Distribution Warehouse: 

Located one block over from our production facility is our distribution warehouse.  It features ten loading docks and over 100,000 square feet of storage space.  Our knowledgeable staff routinely processes:

 blind shipments
 container shipments 
 LTL shipments

 ISO Tankers

The warehouse can provide inventory management and assist in the scheduling of shipments upon request.  We provide a diverse range of distribution services for our customers including:

 shrink wrapping
 sorting mixed loads 

 A wide range of products are stored and processed at this site, including many that are not produced by Holly Oak Chemical.

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